Инструкция на эдма

инструкция на эдма
How to change various other global settings Note: This section is applicable for both DM816x and DM814x. Though the illustrations are provided with DM816x as an example, one can use all these steps/help on DM814x also. Returnsstatus of status_t. This function initializes the DSPI eDMA handle which can be used for other DSPI transactional APIs. Usually, for a specified DSPI instance, call this API once to get the initialized handle. StarterWare includes Device Abstraction Layer (DAL) libraries, peripheral programming, and board level example applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the peripherals on the TI processors. Overview This wiki article is a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on EDMA on KeystoneI/II devices, along with some useful collateral and software reference links. FAQ Q. Where are software and hardware documentation resources located? NoteThis function will enable auto stop request feature. TCD is a transfer control descriptor.

Answer: The DMA Channel Queue Number Register (DMAQNUMn) enables mapping of DMA channels and its associated events to any event queue in the EDMACC. There is a mapping between DMA channels and their corresponding bits in DMAQNUMn. See Table 4-7 of the EDMA Controller User Guide. Acknowledgements Danny Yee helped me with the first version of this page. Bev Corwin, Randal Shepard, Sabrina Mix for translating the old Installation Guide to English. This function will enable auto stop request feature. Answer: Currently, the Processor SDK Linus perspective is available only for a Linux 64-bit computer. Parameters baseeDMA peripheral base address. configPointer to configuration structure, see «edma_config_t». NoteThis function enable the minor loop map feature. void EDMA_Deinit ( DMA_Type * base) This function gates the eDMA clock.

Parameters handleeDMA handle pointer. configPointer to eDMA transfer configuration structure. Refer to Table 2-7 & Figure 2-12 of KeyStone Architecture Enhanced Direct Memory Access (EDMA3) Controller User’s Guide for shadow region registers. Executing channels are allowed to complete. struct edma_transfer_config_t This structure configures the source/destination transfer attribute. This feature enables the transfer of complex patterns with minimal intervention of CPU. The EDMA3 Controller User Guide describes chaining in Section 2.8. Q. In what way do EDMA3 chained events differ from the EDMA3 linking feature when multiple events occur through receiving a single event? That is, it moves a matrix with the parameters from above (2D transfer), then it skips DSTCINX (Destination C Index) or SRCDINX (Source C Index) or both and moves the next matrix. Parameters tcdPoint to the TCD structure. configPointer to Minor offset configuration structure.

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