Infra recorder инструкция

infra recorder инструкция
Date — set date Time — set time Date format — select the date format (MM-DD-YYYY / DD-MM-YYYY / YYYY-MM-DD). Clock format — select the time format (12h / 24h). Units — US Standard/Metric. Right after, you can see the contents of your current location. Includes InfraRecorder 0.52. 1.07: Improved error messages and error checking. Mounting Slightly loosen the fixing screws on the 7/8” weaver mount built into the scope. The Trojan alert was a FALSE POSITIVE alarm and the new version is now properly not giving you the FALSE trojan alarm.

Installation To install, copy files into the folder of your choice (such as C:\Program Files\DVDspan). InfraRecorder comes pre-installed with DVDSpan so no other downloads are required. To un-install just delete the folder. There is no way to have this box checked by default, and the status of this box is not saved as part of the project. Installation of batteries The X-Sight HD will operate on four AA type batteries.

The user can change the time of energy saving mode activation.Acceptable values:OFF — the energy saving feature is turned off.1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 — delay time (in minutes) for energy saving mode activation. Look through the eyepiece while focusing on the reticle on the screen. By rotating the Diopter Adjustment you will achieve optimal sharpness for your vision. NOTEYou should not need to re-adjust the Diopter Adjustment unless another user with different vision then yourself will be using the scope. And it starts again with the slightest move of the device.

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