Блюрей плеер сони bd s370 инструкция по эксплуатации

блюрей плеер сони bd s370 инструкция по эксплуатации
Page 27: Bd/dvd Viewing Settings x [Delete BD Data] [BD/DVD Viewing Deletes data in the USB memory. Technically the AVCHD includes extended information and omits the AUXDATA, BDJO, JAR, and CERTIFICATE folders, which can affect playback from DVD media on some players.Includes: Most content available from AVS HD 709. Refer to the Patterns Manual for more information.Not Included: Some Misc. The HDMV or AVCHD can usually be downloaded with web browsers. This will show the signal from the player on your TV screen. Please do not consider a disc unplayable unless a Blu-ray player can not play it.

Searches for related information using Plays a slideshow. [Slideshow]: keywords from Gracenote when Rotates the photo [Rotate Left]: selecting [Cast] or [Related]. Page 24: Using The Settings Displays • We recommend performing the software update every 2 months or so. For the AVCHD version you will need writable DVD media and a DVD burner. Limitations are listed in the next line, and the Patterns Manual includes further details.Not Included: Menus and navigation features, the HDTV Calibration video from HD Nation (see Related Links), or Misc. Page 4: Precautions Precautions bottom of the unit. Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 представляет собой крайне эффективный и сравнительно недорогой апгрейд для большинства AV-систем, способных вывести качество их звука на новый уровень. Page 1 4-579-663-11(1) Blu-ray Disc™ / Getting Started DVD Player Playback Settings and Adjustments Operating Instructions Additional Information Thank you for your purchase.

The Download Notes area simply includes some additional details, such as general system requirements and troubleshooting information. Common suggestions would be to try a different disc type or brand, burn at a slower speed, or try burning from a different computer. Displays You can also get information about update functions from the website. You cannot connect the player to the wireless LAN router (BDP-S3700/ BX370 only). Control for HDMI (BRAVIA , Check if the wireless LAN router is on. Settings and Adjustments • If your network condition is poor, visit to Using the Settings download the latest software version and update via USB memory. Click the button in the bottom left, and the program will burn the image to disc.

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