Philips hp 6577 инструкция

philips hp 6577 инструкция
Epilator is also designed for dry and wet cordless epilation. It has two replaceable heads and the roller massages your skin as well. Speed setting ‘2’ is fast and extra efficient to help you speed-up your epilation routine. It performances up to 1360 pulling actions per second. The main one is that skin irritation is much less and it passes faster if compared to dry epilation. While the entire shaving piece can lift out, cleaning was still fiddly. That is particularly loud and would explain why testers with sensitive hearing found the unit a little too loud to use on their face.

Long-lasting results in minutes with the extra wide epilation head. Hypoallergenic, silver-ion tweezers discs Life can be pretty hectic sometimes. But this works only for more or less plain body surfaces (legs and hands), but not for underarms. It’s not that easy to get there with such a wide epilator head. There is Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System which is designed to perform photoepilation on larger skin areas, its cartridge is for 30 000 flashes. The battery level is indicated with 2 LEDs – green and red one. If the warning light is on, then it’s time to charge the battery of your Remington EP7030 epilator. The main difference between Panasonic and Braun is the design of the epilator head. In case of Braun epilators – it is one cylinder with tweezers, but Panasonic epilator has two closely placed cylinders of smaller diameter.

Due to soapsuds the epilation passes softer and the epilator moves smoother. Philips Satinelle Prestige – Model BRE650 The top of the line model and the subject of our review. If you want the most feature packed Philips Satinelle Epilator on the market then the Prestige is your best choice. While we will cover functionality further down the review; it terms of looks, Philips has knocked it out of the ball park. The dual customised speed settings let you tailor speed rotation to suit your personal needs and preferences. Located on the rear of the handle, just below the epilating head, is a small white button: This is the epilator head release button, pressing the switch down with your thumb while pulling upwards on the epilator head with your free hand will remove it completely from the body. Теплая вода и пена сделают процедуру бриться еще более комфортной и быстрой.

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