Dolmar ps-390 инструкция

dolmar ps-390 инструкция
They have commonly an exchangeable nose since the sprocket at the bar nose wears out faster than the bar. Винт Т(LA) предназначен для регулировки оборотов холостого хода. Число оборотов холостого хода установлено правильно, если двигатель работает без сбоев при минимальных оборотах и цепь при этом не вращается.Карбюратор можно считать отрегулированным, если двигатель быстро разгоняется и по звуку напоминает работу четырехтактного на полном газу. Dramatic improvements, chainsaw safety devices and overall design have taken place since the chainsaw’s invention, saving many lives and preventing countless serious injuries. The reservoir is normally large enough to provide sufficient chain oil between refuelling.

Specialized loop-style bars, called bow bars, were also used at one time for bucking logs and clearing brush, although they are now rarely encountered due to increased hazards of operation. Top bind – The tension area on log bottom, compression on top. Tension is right when it can be moved easily by hand and not hanging loose from the bar. The operator must be able to properly reach the cut to avoid kickback. The fine filter keeps the air clean to its optimum (i.e. 44 µm) but has the tendency to clogging.

The lateral tensioner has the advantage that the clutch cover is easier to mount but the disadvantage that it is more difficult to reach nearby the bar. Like other hand-held machinery, the operation of chainsaws can cause vibration white finger,[12]tinnitus or industrial deafness. Chains must be kept sharp to perform well.

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