Инструкция для kenwood tm-v71

инструкция для kenwood tm-v71
Mais pour que que ce site continue à vivre nous sollicitons votre aide.Merci! Indexed and organized for quick access to what you need by mode of operation. However, the FAQ below is being provided as a guide to getting these radios up and running with the EchoLink software. Page 33 n Microphone Keypad character Entry The microphone keys can also be used to enter characters.

The TM-V71A is a true dual-band operation radio so VHF+VHF/VHF+UHF/UHF+UHF operation is possible. This function relieves you from constantly resetting the squelch when receiving weak stations that you have no interest in. This dual bander has ten dedicated EchoLink® memory channels as well EchoLink sysop-mode operation. Blinks when the cross-band repeater is ON (K type only). Appears when there is an operation band available. Includes useful hints not found in the user manual.

Changes or modfcatons to ths equpment may cause harmful nterference unless the modfcatons are expressly approved n the nstructon manual. When character entry is required, a cursor will appear on the display. 1 Press the Tuning control. • The cursor will blink. 2 Rotate the Tuning control to select your desired character. Page 16: Getting Acquainted, Front Panel GETTING ACQUAINTED FroNT PANEl q VFO Press [VFO] to enter VFO mode {page 1}, then rotate the Tuning control to select an operating frequency. The large radio display clearly conveys the status of the radio and can be set to green or amber.

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