Холодильник electrolux er 3913 b инструкция

Make sure that the fuse has the correct rating for the particular model being repaired. 13. Design Alteration Warning: Use exact replacement parts only, i.e., only those that are specified in the drawings and parts lists of this manual. Start a Quote Choose from a variety of group medical, dental and vision plans to meet your small business health insurance needs. New York Health Insurance, Medicare, & Group Health Plans | Empire Blue Choose from a variety of group medical, dental and vision insurance plans to meet your small business needs. Uneven cooking Uneven intensity of microwave due to its characteristics.

Check high voltage component according to component test procedure and replace if it is defective. Find a Doctor Prescriptions We offer a wide range of generic and brand name drugs, home delivery, and more. Фасад стеклянный коричневый 14440 с рисунком под мрамор. Before touching any components or wiring, always unplug the oven and discharge the high voltage capacitor (See Figure 1-1) 2. The high-voltage capacitor remains charged about 30 seconds after disconnection. Функции панели управления:9330 регулировка температуры, рукоядка выбора программ ;цвет:белый. Microwave output is low;. Oven takes longer time to cook food. 1. Decrease in power source voltage. 2. Open or loose wiring of magnetron filament circuit. (Intermittent oscillation)) 3. Aging of magnetron Consult electrician.
Normalt reflekterer disse mål ikke helt præcist, hvor meget plads der er til opbevaring. Fryseren udgør omkring 45%, hvor køleskabet udgør 55%, så det kan være svært at opbevare brede ting. De er dyrere end fritstående modeller og prisen varierer fra 4650 kr. 12400 kr. og har også højere driftsomkostninger. Wrap thinner parts of the food with aluminum foil. You’ll find affordable, flexible health, dental, and vision insurance options for you and your family with Empire.

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