Samsung yp-t8 инструкция

samsung yp-t8 инструкция
The file name and Tag information are not displayed correctly. • Select [Settings] [Language] from the menu and change the Language setting. Меню плеера имеет сквозную вертикальную организацию и представлено крупными, хорошо прорисованными и анимированными значками. С левой стороны дисплея расположен список всех пунктов в виде маленьких схематических значков. Качество исполнения корпуса находится на высоком уровне и при взгляде со стороны ничем не отличается от такового у весьма недешевых телефонов серии Ultra. Many players will resume play where you left off when you turn the player off and then back on, but this is a very poor substitute for true manual bookmarking capability.

Generally there are commands on your MP3 Player to Save (or Set) Bookmark, Load (or Select) Bookmark, and Delete Bookmark. However, it is apparently discontinued and hard to find in the USA. Samsung YEPP YP-T9 NO A reader reports it does NOT support manual bookmarks. The YP-T8 uses a clickable rocker switch for scrolling up and down through menus. This list is being expanded… more coming soon… If you have more information please report it. The YP-T8 is compatible with many online music stores like Napster. Repair or direct replacement under the terms of this warranty may be fulfilled with functionally equivalent service exchange units. 5. The warranty is not applicable in cases other than defects in material, design and workmanship.

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